Rowable Classics Rowable Classics sells classic wood and composite rowing shells and oars.

Is the website inventory current? 
Inventory is current on our website.  If the website shows 1 available and allows you to add it to your "cart", then it is still available!  We do have a section of recently sold inventory for tracking purposes, but those items all show ZERO quantity and are clearly labeled SOLD in the heading and the website says "this item is currently out of stock".  

How is SHIPPING handled? 
Please read the "SHIPPING"  website tab BEFORE  requesting a quote (top of home page).  We have a whole page dedicated to explaining the shipping process.  

Where is Rowable Classics Located and hours of operation? 
Our 3 primary inventory locations are Thomaston, Maine; Pittsboro, North Carolina; and Bloomington, Indiana.  However, we also have boats in other locations across the United States. Each product description tells where the inventory is located.  Inventory is available to be seen in person by appointment only, as we don't have regular "store hours".  Calls and emails are often returned during evening and weekend hours due to other full time employment.  

 Can I sell my rowing shell on  

Rowable Classics has been selling quality used rowing shells for over 25 years.  The founder, Darryl Strickler was known across the world as a leading expert in wooden rowing shells.  He was a published author with his book, Rowable Classics, which gives a history to every major wood boat builder.  This website domain is where people go to find a Classic wooden rowing shell! 

In an effort to continue Darryl’s life mission to connect classic wooden rowing boats to new “stewards”, we are now offering a fee based consignment service via our website for Classic wood rowing shells.  Please contact us with what rowing shell you are selling, condition, asking price, location, etc and we can send you more information on the consignment process.  

Do Oars come with a boat purchase?

Oars are sold separately (unless specifically noted in the add).  


What is the Inventory condition? 

All merchandise is used, although some inventory has never been in use, or some has been fully restored.  Pricing reflects current condition of product as some items may need work.  We fully disclose any known issues.  You are always welcome to go to our inventory locations to see the products before purchase.  Everything is sold "as-is". There is no expressed or implied warranty. 

Do you do repair work?
We can recommend excellent craftsmen located in Florida, Maine and North Carolina.  

Is pricing negotiable? 
We have our inventory very fairly priced.  Occasionally we do have "sales", but our pricing is set. 

Do you ship overseas?  
For us to be able to ship overseas, a custom over-sized create must be built for the rowing shell.  It is very expensive, starting at $2,000 USD.   When we have done it in the past, $3,000 + USD is our average cost.  So yes, it is possible but often cost prohibitive.  

Is ROWABLE CLASSICS still in operation?
Yes!  After Darryl Strickler's (founder) death, his son, Derek Strickler, has continued operating Rowable Classics with the many partners across the country we have worked with for over 25 years!   See "Our Legacy" website tab for more information.  

How do I contact Rowable Classics?
The best way to reach us is through the "contact us" tab on the website.  This allows us to capture your contact information, and direct your question to the appropriate person.