ROWABLE CLASSICS is dedicated to the art and mystique of classic rowing shells. It is NOT a commercial enterprise, but operates as a collaboration among people committed to preserving, restoring, owning, rowing or displaying classic, sliding-seat rowing boats. 

Rowable Classics founder, Darryl J. Strickler, started Rowable Classics in the 1990's, after a successful career in business, academics, and architectural design. Darryl spent his entire life enjoying and working with wood boats from his earliest childhood memories.  He had a passion for wooden rowing shells.  Later in life, he accepted the fact that it was not practical for everyone to own/store/maintain wood shells, so he started also connecting people to synthetic shells, as in introduction into the ONLY sport he loved. 

He owned and rowed hundreds of sculling boats. He had firsthand experience with virtually every major sculling boatbuilder’s boats and oars.  He taught numerous people how to scull using personal instruction, video feedback and other innovative methods of instruction. Darryl dedicated himself to the preservation and promotion of these “rowable classics.” He was known across the world for these efforts and his generosity in teaching and training other rowers, encouraging everyone to enjoy and commune with nature, and spend time on the water as he loved to do.

Darryl Strickler wrote the book "Rowable Classics" that tells of the background and development that has gone into making and the different manufactures of single rowing sculls. The book is currently out of stock, and only available through used book outlets.  

Darryl unexpectedly passed away in the Fall of 2015, doing what he loved to do... ROWING of course!  See as a tribute page.  

Darryl's Son, Derek Strickler, with many rowing enthusiasts partners across the country that we have worked with for many years, are currently operating Rowable Classics. We are committed to keeping the legacy of Darryl Strickler and  Rowable Classics alive and look forward to partnering with you.