Rowable Classics Rowable Classics sells classic wood and composite rowing shells and oars.

Whether you are just looking to get into sculling or you are a seasoned racer, we have different boats to meet your needs.  

Racing Shells
Racing Shells are suitable for training and/or racing.  They are generally narrower and longer, requiring more skill to row, therefore not for the novice rower.  

Recreation and Open Water Shells
These boats are ideal for beginning and intermediate rowers on flat water or intermediate /advanced rowers on open water.  They are also good for locations where wind, wave or wake conditions make it difficult to row a racing single.

Classic Wood Shells 
These boats come in Display, Recreational, or Racing.  Many of our classic wood boats are suitable for display OR  daily rowing (see different boats for specifics).   We have classic antique shells, to everyday rowers.  Some are museum quality.  

Weight class
In the description of each boat, we list the Weight Class (range) as to what each boat is designed for if known.   Not all boats are suitable for every size person.  Different boat builders have different weight ranges for Light weights, mid weights, heavy weights, and open weights.