We can schedule a in-person pick up at the inventory location.  Our inventory locations vary and is listed for each item in the description.  


We can prepare a custom shipping quote and deliver your Boat or Oars directly to your location!  Inventory must be purchased before shipping process begins. 

It takes us a lot of time to get custom shipping quotes, as we work with several different individuals and figure out what will work best for your location and equipment. Multi calls and emails go into every shipping quote as everything is custom and personally handled.  Please DON'T waste our timeif you are not prepared to cover the shipping costs ranges listed below. We will work hard to provide you with the most economical shipping solution for you!  

The shipping costs will be MORE expensive the further away (and how far off the "beaten path" you live) from where the inventory is located.  

Boat delivery ranges from $350-$1,000.  Pricing depends on distance from the inventories location, if your delivery address is a rural or a main Interstate/Highway thoroughfare, etc.  It can take several weeks up to several months, depending on the delivery route schedules.  These boats must be handled properly with custom outfitted trailers or roof top racks; therefore there are only a few people we trust to transport them! They can not be put in over-the-road Semi-trucks (they would get damaged). 

Oar delivery ranges from $150-$350. Pricing depends on distance from the inventories location.    The further away you are from the inventory, the more expensive the shipping.  Shipping can usually happen in about two weeks time.

         Oars shipped out of our Thomaston, Maine location START AT $150+.   We have a commercial shipping arrangement with New Penn.

            *BUSINESS address rates are $70-$100 cheaper then residential addresses.   

        Oars out of our Pittsboro, NC or Bloomington, IN locations START AT $285..  .  We

            *Delivery rates are the same for residential or business addresses.  We ship from a Pak Mail company, and use multiple shippers.   

Each set of Oars are carefully wrapped in bubble wrap, then a custom over-sized box is made specifically for your oars!  

Shipping overseas.... 

We are not shipping outside of the Continental USA 48 states at this time.  If you can arrange international shipping from our the boats location, then we will be happy to arrange pick up.  

Only IF you are comfortable with the shipping process, timing, and costsThen submit your shipping information via the “contact us” the button on the website.   

Thank you for your understanding and patience in the delivery process! We are NOT Amazon Prime (we are a network of individual rowing enthusiasts), but once your boat or oars arrive, it will all be worth it!  :).  We look forward to working with you.