• z Sold POCOCK racing single (built by George) 1973 Excellent condition! W/Oars and rack

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    Men's standard racing single for a 165-205 lb. rower. Built by George Pocock in 1973 when he was semi-retired having given over the business to his son, Stan.

    The boat has had two owners; the first ordered the boat from George prior to graduation from UW and used the boat for a couple of summers. He left the boat hanging in his moms basement from 1978 until 2009, when I bought it. At that time it was in pristine original condition and came with Pocock oars (wooden) and roof rack.

    Since 2009 the boat has been used as a trainer 2 to 3 times a week in the warmer months and raced four times. The only change made in my ownership was replacing the original oar locks(gates) with new ones of similar type and I added a bow ball and a number mount to qualify for a regatta. Otherwise it has had only a light sanding and thin coat of varnish every couple years.

    Current condition; original deck fabric, original riggers, original foot stretchers, shoes and laces. There are a couple of small dark smudges in the hull from banging into sticks and the name "Sugar" adhesive letters on the bow, see photos.

    The Pocock oars, roof rack and original oar locks go with the boat along with a modern set of Dreisacker carbon fiber oars that are custom fitted to the boat.

     Due to a chronic injury, this beloved boat is for sale to a good home for $10,000

    Inventory number: CB35  

    Boat is stored on a rack at rowing club in SE Portland