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  • z SOLD- Peinert x-25 - Racing single - Lightweight

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    Builder: Peinert x-25

    Boat type: Racing single

    Weight class: Light Weight  110-160 lbs

    Construction Material: Composite

    Description:Very good condition; ready to row! Stiff, light and wicked fast!

    This boat is located in Pittsboro, North Carolina (Just outside Raleigh / Durham and Chapel Hills) 

    Inventory number: NB19 ;  Contact us for a shipping quote. 

    The Peinert X25 is designed to be the fastest possible racing shell for the rower weighing between 110 and 160 pounds, yet it maintains the ruggedness and stability of the classic Peinert 26,  with a superior bow to stern stiffness for racing. It has a narrow hull for speed and a low profile to minimize the effect of cross winds. It is comfortable and easy to balance. Its durable 40% Kevlar / 60% carbon construction allows you to shrug off the occasional collisions with under water hazards