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    Owen Club Racer Serial No.  WBH003381288

    Rowing Shell Type:   Racing

    Weight Class: Club Racer Up to 210 LB's

    Oars are included!!!

    Blue Glass Hull made of S. glass, Kevlar and carbon fiber.  All framing is of spruce and cedar. Cockpit and inside washboards are laminated cedar and spruce.  All wood is clear finished with Imron. Hull shape is round-sectioned, similar to European shells. The maximum beam is aft to the main riggers.  Hull has a 3 in. rocker in bottom. The boat runs level and performs well in wind or rough water.

    Riggers are welded 6061 T6 aircraft-type aluminum tubing with hardcoat anodizing.  The spread is adjustable by 3 in.; oarlocks are the Martinoli type with full pitch adjustment.  Total weight of riggers with oarlocks is 4 ¼ lbs. per set. Seat slides are the extruded type of aluminum, hard-coated anodized, with full adjustment for through-the-pin rowing. Seats are molded cedar veneer and 1/16 in. ash plywood which is glued and pressed into a mold.  They are strong, light and very comfortable.
    The deck skin has some punctures that have been taped over with clear tape.

    VERY GOOD CONDITION! Beautiful original material! Even comes with ORIGINAL "pamphlet".

    Length: Approx. 26ft. 2in.

    Width: Appox. 12 ½ in.

    Weight: 32 – 38 lbs.

    Price $4,500. If purchased and picked up before April 1st, Price is ONLY $3,500

    Located in Portland, Oregon, 97231

    Inventory number: CB33