Rowable Classics Rowable Classics sells classic wood and composite rowing shells and oars.
  • z Sold DOUBLE shell w/Coxswain and SAIL

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    This a amazing quality built rowing shell built in 1947. 

    It is a two person trainer with a coxswain seat. It also has a gaff rig sail, detachable rudder, and side board. It is 23 ft long and 41 in wide and weighs 220 lbs with oars and seats. It includes a trailer, water proof cover, and storage/launch cradle. Either station can be relocated  to a third middle position for rowing as a single. The rear deck has some very minor cracking but otherwise there is no damage.  Truly one of a kind and a valuable piece of rowing history.  Ready for rowing or Display!

    This boat is located in Wisconsin 

    Inventory number CB22