Rowable Classics Rowable Classics sells classic wood and composite rowing shells and oars.

Terms & Conditions:

Inventory is current on our website.  If the website shows 1 available and allows you to add it to your "cart", then it is still available!  

We do have a section of recently sold inventory for tracking purposes, but the website shows those products as: "This item is out of stock" with zero quantity available, and will not allow purchase of this item.  If you sort by "View ALL" inventory, the sold products are listed at the end of the list, and have a "z Sold" in the title.  

Sold AS- IS!
All products are sold AS IS, with no expressed or implied warranty.  All merchandise is considered used (although some inventory has never been in use, or some has been fully restored), and conditions vary. Pricing reflects current condition of product as some items may need some work.  We fully disclose any known issues.  You are always welcome to go to our inventory locations to see the products before purchase. 


Shipping Oars is coordinated, insured, and billed separately through Rowable Classics.  

Boat shipping is coordinated, insured, and paid directly to our vendors (we help with initial pricing quote) OR  you are welcome to pick up your merchandise in person at no additional charge.   We  cannot assume any liability for damage during transport process and can not control delivery times, etc.  We have a long and trusted history with the folks we use for shipping, and do not anticipate any problems!  

See Shipping Tab at the top of the website for more detailed information.