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  • Coffey- Racing Single - Mid weight class 130-170 lbs - Needs work

    $1,500.00 $1,300.00
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    Inventory number: NB01  

    Builder: Coffey

    Boat type: Racing single

    Weight class: 130-170 lbs

    Manufacture country: USA

    Construction Material: Wood Stateroom, and Kevlar Hull  

    Description: Project boat!  Wooden frame, white fiberglass hull. Needs new Deck and varnish. Structually sound, very repairable.  Length is 318 inches x 17" wide.  Wieghs 28Lbs

    As is $1,500. $2,800 after new Deck  is installed and new clear coat varnish

    This boat located in Pittsboro, North Carolina (Just outside Raleigh / Durham and Chapel Hills )